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What is a gastroenterologist?

A gastroenterologist is called many things: A GI, a digestive specialist, even a ‘belly doc’. Whatever you decide to call us, our specialty remains the same: Treating people with problems or disorders of the digestive tract.

Disorders of the digestive system (also referred to as ‘gastro disorders’) can include everything from acid reflux disease to colon cancer. For a complete list of gastroenterology disorders, click here.

Board certification is not required to practice medicine, but when a GI doctor is board certified in gastroenterology, it indicates that the doctor has completed the necessary education, training and experience (after regular medical school) to bear this distinction. In addition, it means they have passed a specific exam certifying them as an expert in the field. All of the physicians at Denver Digestive Health Specialists are board certified in gastroenterology, and some are board certified in internal medicine as well.