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There are some indications that bowel incontinence is occurring. The general signals of bowel or fecal incontinence include:

  • Diminished awareness of the need to have a bowel movement or pass gas
  • Discharge of stool or flatulence that cannot be controlled
  • Leaking feces when you are not using the toilet, such as when you cough or pass flatulence
  • The urgency to have a bowel movement

If you think you are experiencing bowel incontinence and require support with this problem, book an appointment with a GI physician at Denver Digestive Health Specialists so that they can craft a therapy plan that will provide respite.

The symptoms of bowel incontinence, also known as fecal incontinence, arise when you are not able to control your bowel movements. It's an ordinary problem in aged adults and can range from a total loss of command to feces discharges that are erratic when passing flatulence. Despite the fact that bowel incontinence is not often a severe medical issue, it has the capacity to interfere heavily with your day-to-day happiness. Help is available, however. Contact Denver Digestive Health Specialists today to connect with a GI specialist in Denver, CO who will help create a treatment plan that could better your life.

Bowel incontinence is a condition that might be able to be treated when a cause is identified and dependable treatment is confirmed. We will perform a thorough exam to get down to the issue at hand, then suggest a treatment plan. The treatment guidance might vary, as there could often be more than one method needed to handle the symptoms.

There are a few things you can do at home to aid your treatment including:

  • Not drinking caffeine, as this could help to stop diarrhea
  • Eating upwards of 20 – 30 grams of fiber every day (can make feces larger and easier to manage)
  • Consuming several cups of water each day to inhibit constipation


Bowel incontinence can be a debilitating condition and largely get in the way of you living the life you want. It does not have to become a burden, however — help is available. The GI providers at Denver Digestive Health Specialists provide the therapies you need to get your bowel incontinence under control so you can enjoy your life without worry. We frequently treat bowel incontinence in Denver, CO patients and are here to help you find your normal again. For more information, contact your nearest Denver Digestive Health Specialists to request a consultation.


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