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Lactose intolerance is extremely common in the United States. Lactose (milk sugar) is the leading carbohydrate in milk and additional dairy items. Your body may be “intolerant” of lactose because it can't produce enough of the enzyme lactase to break down lactose.

An intestinal enzyme, lactase, is produced in your small intestine that helps the body process lactose. Lactose intolerance is a mild condition, but it can produce troubling symptoms based on your body’s intolerance levels. Some patients refer to lactose intolerance as a dairy allergy.

If you or a family member need help with lactose intolerance in Denver, CO, our GI physicians can support you. Request a consultation at Denver Digestive Health Specialists and let our knowledge and expertise lead you in the right direction toward an improved quality of life.

Lactose intolerance is due to your body’s inability to generate, or a deficiency in the generation of, lactase. Two main reasons reason your body is not able to develop enough lactase to help break up lactose are explained below:

Primary Lactose Intolerance

Primary lactose intolerance is the most frequent kind of lactose intolerance and is due to age. As you age, your body develops less lactase. This variety of lactose intolerance could partially get passed through hereditary factors and occurs in certain individuals to a greater extent than others. As indicated by the food intolerance network, lactase deficiency occurs in 5 – 17 percent of Europeans, about 44 percent of Americans, about 50 percent of Latino/Hispanic individuals, and 60 – 80 percent of Asians and Africans.

Secondary Lactose Intolerance

Secondary lactose deficiency usually happens when the small intestine (duodenum) is damaged because of an illness, trauma, surgery, or more serious issue like Crohn’s disease or Celiac disease. This is because the creation of lactase lessens when the duodenum (small intestine) is inflamed. Treatment of the issue might revive the function of the small intestine and reinstate lactase levels to normal.

To learn more about lactose intolerance, connect with a Denver Digestive Health Specialists location near you to request a consultation with a GI provider who offers treatment for the condition. Our staff can offer knowledgeable tips and information on how to live with lactose intolerance.

The symptoms of lactose intolerance can vary for every individual according to the amount of lactase they can generate. A few of the usual signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance include:

  • Gas
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pains
  • Bloating
  • Intermittent constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

If you notice any of the specific signs or symptoms mentioned here, our GI physicians in Denver, CO can help to find a treatment solution that works well for your digestive health.

The ideal solution if you happen to be lactose intolerant is to stay away from dairy products altogether. There is presently no way to advance lactase generation in the body. As a result, the objective of treatment is to avoid the symptoms that may result from ingesting lactose. If you treat lactose intolerance as a dairy intolerance or allergy, that can help direct you in the decisions you make.

Other therapies and answers for addressing lactose intolerance that our Denver, CO GI physicians could recommend involve:

  • Add small servings of dairy products into your meals to build tolerance
  • Ingest lactose-reduced dairy products
  • Lactase enzyme supplements
  • Probiotics and prebiotics
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If your lactose intolerance is too much to handle, let our professional gastroenterologist providers at Denver Digestive Health Specialists step in to assist. We can put together a treatment plan to help you rediscover your GI health so that you may continue doing the activities you love. To find treatment for lactose intolerance in Denver, CO, contact our providers today to request a consultation.

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