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Diverticulitis is the name given to an illness that often occurs following diverticulosis. Diverticulosis is the GI illness where tiny sacs known as diverticula protrude all the way to the outside lining of the intestine. Once these pockets have developed, they can become infected and inflamed. Diverticulitis occurs when this infection or swelling arises. If you suffer from diverticulosis, it is crucial to be under the observation of a gastrointestinal provider. At Denver Digestive Health Specialists, our providers offer specialized care for this condition. To find care for diverticulitis in Denver, CO, please request a consultation at your nearest location.

Diverticulitis commonly occurs in cases where the diverticula rip and become infected, inflamed, or both. Some of the factors that might put you at risk for diverticulitis are:

  • High-fat, low-fiber diets
  • Aging
  • Being overweight
  • Being a smoker
  • Some medications (such as NSAIDs like ibuprofen/Advil®)
  • Insufficient physical activity

Prevention of diverticulitis includes:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Maintaining a diet low in fat and high in fiber

You can partner with a GI specialist through Denver Digestive Health Specialists to help you determine the root cause of your problem and methods to prevent this painful condition.

The leading signs and symptoms of diverticulitis can include:

  • Pain in the abdomen (often unceasing and persistent for a number of days)
  • Above normal body temperature
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Sensitive abdomen
  • Difficulty passing stool
  • Diarrhea

If you suffer from persistent, unexplained pain in your abdomen or any combination of the above symptoms, it may be time to talk to a gastroenterology specialist.

Your treatment options might be impacted by the seriousness of your disease. After receiving your diverticulitis diagnosis, your GI provider will be able to identify which treatments will be necessary. Some treatment options include:

  • Oral antibiotics
  • Liquid diet
  • Abdominal abscess draining
  • Surgical intervention

At each of our Denver, CO locations, we work with you to help you understand the treatment options we offer so we can create a treatment plan you understand and are comfortable with.

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If you are searching for diverticulitis treatment in Denver, CO, or would like to prevent the illness, then trust the expert gastroenterologists at Denver Digestive Health Specialists. Our experienced providers strive to provide a high-quality, patient-centered experience that can help you enjoy optimal health. If you or a loved one suspect, or have been diagnosed with, diverticulitis contact your nearest location to request a consultation right away.

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